Seagulls Supports Tweed

2018-2019 Tweed Heads Seagulls Community Strategic Plan (Draft)

CEO message

I am proud to present the 2018-2019 Tweed Heads Seagulls Community Strategic Plan – Seagulls Supports Tweed.

This document details the club’s ongoing commitment to supporting our grassroots stakeholders, community partners and charities through a range of programs and initiatives.

Seagulls understand that to be successful we must engage deeply with all our community stakeholders. We want everyone associated with the club to be aware of and take ownership of our Seagulls Supports Tweed’s vision and goals so that we can deliver positive outcomes for our community.

Our club is only as strong as the community that we build around it. Seagulls want to be recognised as a club that cares and gives back. A club that people in the region aspire to be a part of and are proud to be part of. A club that is inclusive of everyone and that supports and nurtures our diverse stakeholder groups to help them to be the best they can be.

Tweed and Southern Gold Coast is, we think, the best place in the world to live, work and play. We have a diverse population with origins from all over the world, underpinned by a strong connection to the traditional owners of the land through our large and vibrant Aboriginal community.

But many in our community face significant challenges. Challenges such as unemployment, poverty, domestic violence, obesity, dementia, depression and homelessness.

Whilst one of our primary goals is to provide pathways for members of our community to become elite players, we also have ‘grassroots goals’ around supporting our community in addressing many of these social issues.

Not only do we feel a sense of responsibility to do so but we know that Rugby League is a fantastic vehicle for influencing and engaging important community issues. We also know the power of rugby league and elite players to be role models and have a positive influence on society and our players and staff are committed to making this happen.

Thank you for being a part of this great Rugby League Football Club and I urge you to get on board with this plan and help Seagulls to Supports Tweed.

~ Paul Stephenson

Our Purpose

  • To create sustainable pathways and opportunities for Rugby League Players to play at the highest level of Rugby League possible.

Our Vision

  • To be a competitive and sustainable club that is successful and respected amongst the community.

Our Mission

  • Provide pathways to nurture grassroots and elite football talent for on-field success
  • Be seen as the club for children and seniors from the region to aspire to play for
  • Attract and retain the best athletes by providing first rate player conditions and career pathways
  • Employ the best people and harness technology to become a professional and efficient organisation
  • Provide friendly, exciting and inspiring experiences for members, fans and local communities
  • Develop programs to promote healthy lifestyles with a particular focus on obesity and mental health

Our Values


  • Valuing the importance of every decision and every action
  • Striving to improve and innovate in everything we do
  • Setting clear goals against which we measure success
  • Inspiring the highest standards in ourselves and others


  • Engaging and empowering everyone to feel welcome in our game
  • Reaching out to new participants and supporters
  • Promoting equality of opportunity in all its forms
  • Respecting and celebrating diversity in culture, gender and social back ground


  • Standing up for our beliefs and empowering others to do the same
  • Being prepared to make a difference by leading change
  • Putting the game ahead of individual needs
  • Having the strength to make the right decisions, placing fact ahead of emotion


  • Encouraging and supporting others to achieve common goals
  • Committing to a culture of honesty and trust
  • Motivating those around us to challenge themselves
  • Respecting the contribution of every individual


  • Engendering discipline on and off the field
  • Employing the highest standards in everything we do
  • Being professional, accountable and transparent in our decision making
  • From Strategic Plan (does they reflect community enough?)

Seagulls Supports Tweed

Inspiring, passionate and dedicated people from all walks of life exist within The Tweed Rugby League Community.

Seagulls is committed to enabling and supporting its players, staff and volunteers to work together with all stakeholders to reach, engage and empower all members of our Community and create a club culture that the Seagulls will always be there to support our Community.

Community and Game Development department is all about identifying issues important to the Seagulls’ Community (including members, staff and players) and working with our key partners and experts in the field to drive change.

The benefits of Seagulls Supports Tweed are:

  • Sustain and grow fans and members
  • Sustain and grow participation
  • Improve financial outcomes

Seagulls Supports Tweed has three pillars:

  • Health & Active Lifestyles
  • Respect and Leadership
  • Education and Employment

There are a number of key areas that Seagulls will focus its community engagement efforts on.

Health & Active Lifestyles

Physical and Mental Health

A 2015 survey found that residents of the Richmond-Tweed region have ranked sixth (out of twenty eight) in a ranking of New South Wales regions suffering obesity.  An analysis by the Heath Foundation also found that 70.5 per cent of the people in the region were insufficiently active to remain healthy.

In addition Tweed has the highest rate of overnight hospitalisations for mental health conditions.

Physical and mental health is a key focus for The Tweed Heads Seagulls and the strategy has a strong focus on ensuring we make it easy for people to get involved in the club because of the benefits that we know Rugby League can have in these areas.

We are committed to supporting players, fans, members and supporters to be fitter, healthier and happier individuals and that they will be supported and nurtured if they join the club.


This is not an area often focussed on by sporting organisations but Tweed has twice the State Average of people over 65 and whilst it is imperative that we focus on developing and supporting our children embracing and working with our seniors can provide many benefits.

Not only can we ‘tap into’ he minds of our seniors to mentor and support the next generation of sports stars and workers but we can keep them mentally and physically active and engaged and give them a purpose beyond retirement. This can help keep stave off dementia, depression and a whole range of physical ailments.


Tweed Heads has the highest homeless rate per capita in NSW and youth homelessness is also a big issue on Tweed. Watching, playing or volunteering for a sporting organisation can have a positive influence on peoples lives. We will work with local service providers and not for profits organisations to help produce positive outcomes in this area.

Respect and Leadership

Aboriginal Community

Seagulls Supports Tweed will work with the Tweed Aboriginal Community to support the local community and address social need across the Tweed and Southern Gold Coast region.

We will also focus on supporting disadvantaged and marginalised youth and their families by developing programs to support and engage them such as education, training, health and employment needs.

Focusing on these areas will allow us to attract funding and investment from business, community and government to develop robust, transparent and sustainable community programs and partnerships that leverage the popularity of Rugby League and the Seagulls in the Tweed region.


Tweed Shire Council has a comprehensive Access and Inclusion strategy and is recognised as being at the forefront of promoting and supporting the rights of people with disabilities. Seagulls has had discussions with TSC about developing one for Seagulls in conjunction with them. One of our supporters is wheelchair bound with spina bifida and is a regular fixture on the player’s bench and in the dressing sheds.  One of our Colts and Queensland Cup sports trainers has a disability and we are committed to providing opportunities for as many people with a disability as possible.

Education and Employment

Through leadership from our players and staff we aim to work with the community to demonstrate to and instil in the local youth that learning is ‘cool’ and getting a job you love can changes your life.

Our senior players all work in a wide variety of jobs and professions and combine that with playing elite level of rugby league. They train three times a week, play one day a week – often travelling thousands of kilometres in the process – and are required to eat and live healthy.

By using them as mentors and role models we can help to improve school attendance, aspirational building and skills development with a particular focus on Indigenous students.

Player wellbeing

Seagulls receives funding from the QRL to employ a player wellbeing officer. The officer will work with players in a holistic way to ensure that all facets of their life – mental and physical health, work, education, and social.

Seagulls Supports Tweed Matrix

PillarHealthy & Active Lifestyles
[Mental and Physical Health]

A Powerful Voice around healthy physical and mental lifestyles
Respect and Leadership

Helping build socially inclusive and cohesive communities where “we have each other’s backs”.
Education and Employment

Instil in our young people that learning is cool and getting a job you love changes your life
Marquee Community IssuesNRL State of Mind
Mental literacy & wellness in association with leading mental health agencies.
NRL Voice Against Violence

Cultural Recognition
Reconciliation Action Plan
School attendance, aspirational building,
mentoring and skills for Indigenous students.
External PartnersHomeless Charity
Beyond Blue
Black Dog Institute
Bullying (Bully Zero Australian Foundation)
Green X:
Seniors (Dementia)
Aboriginal Community
Polynesian Community
South Sea Islander Community
PCYC Tweed Heads
Aboriginal Community
South Sea Islander Community
Youth outreach groups
Polynesian Community
PCYC Tweed Heads
Labour hire companies
FundingNSW Government
NSW Government
Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet – Indigenous Advancement Strategy
NSW Government
Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet
Indigenous Advancement Strategy
Seagulls Programs and Initiatives (see page below)Titans Tackle Bullying (leverage)
Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well
Player Ambassador Program
Reconciliation Action Plan
Seagulls Domestic Violence Program
Indigenous school based programs
Player Ambassador Program
Volunteer Program


Seagulls Community is made up of three key stakeholder groups:

  • Grassroots Stakeholders
  • Community Partners
  • Charities

Grassroots stakeholders,

  • Northern Rivers and Gold Coast Rugby League
  • Tweed Byron and Gold Coast Junior Rugby League
  • Seagulls Juniors
  • Tweed District Softball Association
  • Tweed Touch Football Association
  • Players and staff and their families and friends
  • Seagulls volunteers

Community partners

  • Residents of Tweed – particularly those who Rugby League
  • Residents living around Piggabeen Sports Complex
  • Seagulls Club
  • Tweed Shire Council
  • Queensland Rugby League
  • Tweed Aboriginal Community
  • Tweed Access and Inclusion Committee (Bill Chaffey)
  • Tweed South Sea Islander Community
  • Local Schools
  • Northern Rivers and Gold Coast Rugby League
  • Country Rugby League
  • Tweed Seniors
  • Tweed Byron Local Area Command
  • Surf Clubs


  • Homeless charity
  • Aboriginal Charity – to be advised by Aboriginal Community
  • Dementia Australia
  • Beyond Blue/Headspace/Black Dog Institute
  • Bullying (Bully Zero Australian Foundation)
  • Green X – helps people reconnect to self, others and the natural environment to improve productivity, connectivity and creativity (

Seagulls Supports Tweed Priority Initiatives for 2018

Support our Community

Create a strong sense of social responsibility and deliver programs that provide ‘Community Building’ outcomes and positive social impacts through advocacy and leadership on the social issues aligned with our values through:

  • The use of current and former players who inspire others through their involvement.
  • Measure and evaluate programs and initiatives consistently and effectively to position Seagulls to secure Government program partnerships and investment.
  • Commitment to create further opportunities and support for people with disabilities through our partnerships with Tweed Shire Council Access and Inclusion Committee.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to feel a sense of pride and opportunity through their involvement with the club – Reconciliation Action Plan, NAIDOC Day, Indigenous Round.
  • Working with our Polynesian players and communities to support programs that enrich people’s lives.
  • Encourage Tweed Seniors to become involved in the club in areas such as volunteering, attending games, mentoring players etc.
  • Develop a Female Rugby League Strategy and commence female rugby league program in the 2019 season.

Grow our fan base

Consolidate the current fan base and generate new fans by:

  • Build on our ‘Experience the Tradition’ reputation to attract news fans.
  • Increasing fan interaction via a healthy and engaging online presence to revitalise relationships with existing fans and attract new fans – seniors, schools, other clubs, women, aboriginal and CALD communities
  • Directly engaging with members and fans at targeted and themed community events at each of our home games in 2018.
  • Implementing a membership program
  • Develop a membership strategy and program that focuses on recruitment, retention and member servicing to create new community programs for Grassroots Membership.
  • Using our strategic partnerships to widen our exposure to new demographics.
  • Dedicated club resources to work across Community, Membership, Marketing and Operations/events to increase club profile at community events.

Become THE sporting team in Tweed….

Grow brand, profile and positive presence/reputation through:

  • Campaign for more funding that strengthens support for Seagulls in Northern NSW and Southern Gold Coast.
  • Integrated strategies for promoting Seagulls Supports Tweed and the Football brand in the community across marketing, communications, corporate partnerships and government relations.
  • Increasing the profile of players in non-sporting media, events and activities.
  • Using our Charity Partners (Homeless, mental health, Indigenous, DV, Seniors) to gain regional exposure and recognition of community work done by players

Grow Participation and Create Great Players….

Create a comprehensive program for grassroots participation and game development through:

  • A single, integrated pathways model for Northern NSW and the Gold Coast.
  • Provide leadership and development opportunities for our players and provide them with the education and training to be Ambassadors for Seagulls Supports Tweed and role models in the community.
  • Work with local schools on respect and leadership mentoring and ambassadorial programs for all children and provide pathways for Rugby League playing boys and girls
  • Develop programs with the QRL, Gold Coast Titans, Northern Rivers Rugby League, Country Rugby League and local clubs to provide pathways for players in the region through Seagull sand into the NRL
  • To develop a strategy to recruit, train and retain volunteers to support club operations and membership participation growth
  • Working with QRL & CRL to grow gender and culturally specific participation programs
  • Capitalising on Partnerships with recreational forms of the game (Touch Rugby League).

Engage better…

Make it easy for the community to interact, engage and connect with Seagulls and the game more broadly.

Engage with the Seagulls community using digital and social media through:

  • Investment in quality and growth of our digital and social media presence.
  • Building a detailed knowledge of every participants interaction to develop sustainable partnerships
  • Seagulls Website to increase exposure, data acquisition, database management and online initiatives.
  • Dedicated resources to generate new content, products and technologies that enhances the Titans Brand.

Be sustainable…

Create long term and financially sustainable programs and develop new revenue streams through added value for partners and sponsors.

  • Maintaining a focus on efficiency and attracting community sponsorship.
  • Ensuring all funding is aligned to the strategic plan and is performance based.
  • Building strategies to optimise sponsors add on and exposure through community programs.

Some of the specifics…

Below are some of the specific initiatives that we are undertaking to support the three key stakeholder areas:

Grass roots

Junior and senior Rugby League Football clubs

  • Match Ticket giveaways
  • Themed events e.g. Cudgen Hornets Round, Tweed Coast Raiders Round, Murwillumbah Mustangs Round
  • Player visits to clubs – skills, mentoring and leadership
  • Trial matches
  • Host finals at Piggabeen
  • Coaching support
  • Holiday clinics


  • Match tickets provided to schools
  • Player visits to schools
  • Holiday clinics
  • Rugby League Gala Days at Piggabeen


  • Match tickets provided to senior groups
  • Player visits to aged care facilities
  • Seniors themed event at one home game each season.


  • Themed events at each home game e.g. indigenous Round, Ladies Round, Police and Fire and Rescue Round
  • Match tickets to local residents within a 2km radius of Piggabeen
  • Match ticket giveaways at Seagulls


  • Ambassadors and Advocacy – attend events and activities
  • Volunteer work
  • Aboriginal Community initiatives
  • Hospital visits
  • Footy clinics
  • Food drives and
  • Natural disaster assistance


  • Champions of particular cause e.g. homelessness, Aboriginal, mental health, domestic violence, healthy choices, Green-X
  • Former players
  • Current players